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Gemsboks fighting in desert Kgalagadi South Africa (Gemsbok)

Gemsboks fighting in desert Kgalagadi South Africa (Gemsbok) - 507416-BS1
Oryx gazella - Photo: ©Alain Mafart-Renodier - Biosphoto

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2 adult adults afrasia africa afro-eurasia antelope antelopes artiodactyla atmosphere be in confrontation behavior behaviors being in confrontation biodiversities biodiversity biodiversity management bioiversity managements biological diversity biological diversity managements bovidae cattle bovidae cattles bovidae confrontation confrontations continent continental area count counting description descriptions desert area desert areas desertic area desertic areas desertic zone desertic zones dispute disputed disputing duet duets dust dusts ecosystem ecosystems enumeration enumerations environment environment management environment protection environment protections environmental managements environments eurafrasia even-toed ungulate face facing fight fighter fighters fighting fights gemsbok oryx gazella gemsbok oryx oryx gazella gazella gemsbok oryxes oryx gazella gazella gemsboks oryx gazella herbivora mammal herbivore mammal herbivores mammal image and subject individual individuals iucn iucn red list of threatened species iucn status kalahari desert of kalahari gemsbok national park kgalagadi transfrontier park za ksa landmass landmasses least concern iucn lc least concern species localisation localization location low risk iucn lr mammal matter matters mineral matter mineral matters month of year months of year national park national parks natural area natural areas nature nature management necking northern cape province october old world oryx oryxes pair pairs position positions posture postures profile shot profile shots profile sight profile sights profile view profile views raise itself raise up raised itself raised on its rear paws raising itself recording recordings republic of south africa southafrica rsa sagebush steppe sagebush steppes seasons semi-arid desert semi-arid deserts semi-desert desert semi-desert deserts semi-desertic desert semi-desertic deserts sensitive natural areas side view south africa southafrica southern africa species spring stage of development stand up standing up temperate season temperate seasons texture textures time scale time scales transborder park transborder parks transfrontier park transfrontier parks transnational park transnational parks two two animals uicn ungulate wild animal wild animals wild fauna wild faunae horizontal alain

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