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Black Crakes deworming a Helmeted Turtle Kruger (Helmeted turtle; Black Crake)

Black Crakes deworming a Helmeted Turtle Kruger (Helmeted turtle; Black Crake) - 507553-BS1
Pelomedusa subrufa; Amaurornis flavirostris - Photo: ŠJean-Jacques Alcalay - Biosphoto

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2 action actions adult adults afrasia africa afro-eurasia aquatic species be lazy behavior behaviors being lazy biodiversities biodiversity biodiversity management bioiversity managements biological diversity biological diversity managements bird birds black crake amaurornis flavirostris cites appendix 3 continent continental area convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora cites count counting description descriptions deworm dewormed dewormer deworming dewormings deworms duet duets ecosystem ecosystems enumeration enumerations environment environment management environment protection environment protections environmental managements environments eurafrasia fresh water turtle fresh water turtles freshwater freshwater species fresh-water species freshwater turtle freshwater turtles freshwater wetland area freshwater wetland areas freshwater wetland zone freshwater wetland zones freshwaters helmeted turtle pelomedusa subrufa image and subject individual individuals iucn iucn red list of threatened species iucn status kruger national park ksa landmass landmasses least concern iucn lc least concern species light effect light effects lighting effect lighting effects limpopo province living organism living organisms localisation localization location look looked looking low risk iucn lr make the siesta making the siesta matter matters may mirror image month of year months of year morphologies morphologies botany morphology morphology botany national park national parks natural area natural areas nature nature management northern province old world organism organisms pair pairs position positions posture postures profile shot profile shots profile sight profile sights profile view profile views raise itself raise up raised itself raised on its rear paws raising itself rattling rattlings recording recordings reflected reflecting reflection reflections reptile reptiles republic of south africa southafrica rest rested restful resting rsa sensitive natural areas side view siesta siestas south africa southafrica southern africa species species characteristic species characteristics species particularities species particularity stage of development stand up standing up surfbird surfbirds texture textures time scale time scales tortoise / turtle tortoises / turtles transborder park transborder parks transfrontier park transfrontier parks transnational park transnational parks trunk botany trunks botany two two animals uicn washington agreement water water surface water surfaces waters watersurface watersurfaces wild animal wild animals wild fauna wild faunae horizontal jean-jacques

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