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Kelp goose family Falkland Islands (Kelp Goose)

Kelp goose family Falkland Islands (Kelp Goose) - 508031-BS1
Chloephaga hybrida - Photo: ŠSylvain Cordier - Biosphoto

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2 adult adults america atlantic ocean babies baby behavior behaviors bird birds brood eggs broods eggs chick chicks clutch clutches coast coasts color colors colour colours continent continental area count counting couple defend defended defending description descriptions down downs duet duets earth's crust ecosystem ecosystems enumeration enumerations falkland falkland islands falkland islands archipelago falklands families family female females fledgling general morphologies general morphology image and subject individual individuals island islands islas malvinas islet islets iucn iucn red list of threatened species iucn status january juvenile juvenile coat juvenile coats juvenile liveries juvenile livery juvenile plumage juvenile plumages juveniles kelp goose chloephaga hybrida landform landforms landmass landmasses least concern iucn lc least concern species littoral shore littorals shore liveries livery living organism living organisms localisation localization location low risk iucn lr male males marine and coastal wetland area marine and coastal wetland areas marine and coastal wetland zone marine and coastal wetland zones month of year months of year morphologies morphologies zoology morphology morphology zoology natural area natural areas nature new world organism organisms pair pairs palmiped palmipeds protect protect itself protecting protecting itself pubescence pubescences pubescent pubescents sand shore sand shores sandy shore sandy shores sea and coastal water sea water seaside seasides sexual dimorphism sexual dimorphisms sexual distinguishabilities sexual distinguishability small bird small birds small-island small-islands smalls south america south atlantic ocean southern atlantic species stage of development time scale time scales tomenteuse tomenteuses tomenteux two two animals uicn white whites wild animal wild animals wild fauna wild faunae wild geese wild goose world sea and ocean world seas and oceans young young protection young protections young supervision youngs vertical sylvain

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