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Mating of Northern Lapwings in a field Bavaria Germany (Northern Lapwing)

Mating of Northern Lapwings in a field Bavaria Germany (Northern Lapwing) - 508061-BS1
Vanellus vanellus - Photo: ęBerndt Fischer - Biosphoto

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2 adult adults afrasia afro-eurasia agricultural landscape agricultural landscapes agriculture agriculture type agriculture types agriculture variety agricultures atmosphere attractive bavaria free state of bayern behavior behaviors bird birds cereal area cereal areas cereal field cereal fields cereal plain cereal plains continent continental area copulate copulating copulation copulations count counting country field country fields countryfield countryfields couple couple coupled coupling coupling up couplings up courtship behaviour courtship behaviours cover crest morphology crests morphology culture cultures description descriptions duet duets ec eec enumeration enumerations eu eurafrasia eurasia europe european economic community european union female females field fields flap wings flapping wings flaps wings flutter germany image and subject individual individuals iucn iucn red list of threatened species iucn status land plot land plots landmass landmasses lapwing lapwings least concern iucn lc least concern species living organism living organisms localisation localization location low risk iucn lr male males march month mating migratory species month of year months of year morphologies morphologies zoology morphology morphology zoology motion motions natural resources usage natural resources usages natural resources use natural resources uses northern lapwing vanellus vanellus northern lapwings vanellus vanellus old world organism organisms pair pairs parade parades parading position positions posture postures profile shot profile shots profile sight profile sights profile view profile views raise itself raise up raised itself raised on its rear paws raising itself recording recordings reproduction reproduction mode reproduction modes reproductions rural area rural areas rural surrounding rural surroundings seasons seduce seducing seduction sexual intercourse sexual intercourses sexual reproduction sexual reproductions side view small wading shore bird small wading shore birds small wading shorebird small wading shorebirds species species characteristic species characteristics species particularities species particularity spring stage of development stand up standing up temperate season temperate seasons time scale time scales two two animals ue uicn wild animal wild animals wild fauna wild faunae horizontal berndt

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