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Recco tags for Orsini's Viper France

Recco tags for Orsini's Viper France - 508668-BS1
Photo: ©Marc Chatelain - Biosphoto

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action actions afrasia afro-eurasia alpes de haute provence alpes-de-haute-provence 04 alps range animal monitoring animal radio tracking animal tagging animal taggings animal tracking atmosphere autumn biodiversities biodiversity biodiversity management bioiversity managements biological diversity biological diversity managements cites appendix 1 continent continental area convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora cites dangerous species description descriptions ec eec environment environments eu eurafrasia eurasia europe european economic community european union exhibition exhibitions exhibitor expose exposed exposing exposure exposures fall season field adder vipera ursinii france hand hands human human being human beings human presence human presences humans individual individuals iucn iucn red list of threatened species iucn status landmass landmasses living organism living organisms localisation localization location man meadow viper vipera ursinii men month of year months of year morphologies morphologies zoology morphology morphology zoology october old world organism organisms orsini's viper vipera ursinii person persons population management populations managements prealps massif prealps mountain range provence alpes côte d'azur provence-alpes-côte d'azur radio tagging radio tracking radiofrequency traking radiofrequency trakings radiotagging radio-telemetry radio-telemetry studies radio-telemetry study radiotracking radio-tracking reptile reptiles risky species science sciences scientific research scientific researches scientific studies scientific study scientist scientists seasons snake snakes species species characteristic species characteristics species management species managements species monitoring species monitorings species particularities species particularity species protection species protections spring telemetric studies telemetric study temperate season temperate seasons time scale time scales tracking tracking radio ue uicn ursini's viper vipera ursinii venemous venemous species viper vipers vulnerable iucn vu vulnerable species washington agreement wild animal wild animals wild fauna wild faunae wildlife monitoring wildlife radio-telemetry wildlife tagging wildlife tracking world mount and summit world mountain and summit world mountains and summits world mounts and summits vertical marc

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