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Published Work

Our images are widely used in Advertising, Design, Publishing, and Paper Products.
This is a very small selection of our published work.

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Selected corporate

Abercrombie & Kent (USA) – ‘The World of Abercrombie and Kent’ travel brochures (2004)
Abercrombie & Kent (USA) – Print advertising (DHI Visual Communication 2003)
Agusta Westland – ‘Westland Mission Capability’ – Corporate brochure cover and content for
Farnborough International Airshow (2006)
Bank Leu: Of Lions and Men (Switzerland) – Corporate banking brochure
(Matter & Partner 2002)
BBC – Advertising billboards for ‘The Life of Mammals’ (BBC 2002)
Canon – Corporate promotional video (Canon Europe 2007)
Canon – EOS promotional brochure (Canon Europe 2006)
Canon – Print advertising for Canon EF24-70mm Lens 2005 (Canon Europe 2003)
Canon – Print advertising for Canon EF28-300mm IS Lens (Canon Europe 2004)
Canon – Print advertising for Canon Pixma printers (Canon Europe 2005)
De Bijenkorf (Netherlands) – Department store print advertising campaign
(Rare Medium Welldone 2007)
Deutsche Grammophon (Germany) – CD Covers and Catalogues (2004)
Discovery Channel (Europe) – Print advertising (Discovery Communications 2004)
Dockhouse Film & TV Production (Sweden) – TV documentary Human Behaviour (2003)
Emerging Markets (USA) – Annual financial reports and corporate publication covers
(2003 & 2007)
Fujifilm – Print Advertising for Fujifilm Collection (1999)
Galli Zugaro & Associati (Italy) – Household appliance catalogue (2004)
General Motors Australia (Australia) – Corporate Brochure (Next Concept 2003 & 2007)
Graphic Systems Installers (USA) – Rear end of tanker–trailer trucks (2002)
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – News editorial in film (Mostly Harmless Productions
for Walt Disney Inc 2004)
Leica (Switzerland) – Billboard advertising for Leica binoculars (Young & Rubicam 2005)
Lexar Media – Trade show advertising panels for Compact Flash cards (2006 & 2007)
MultiChoice (South Africa) – Multimedia Corporation print advertising/billboards and posters
(Ogilvy 2007)
National Air Traffic Services – (UK/Belgium) AV displays (2005)
Nikon – Brochure for Nikon Premier Optics Binoculars (2002)
Norwich Union – Corporate brochures and press advertising (AGA group 2007)
NRDC (USA) – Biogems Report (Natural Resources Defense Council 2005)
Premier TV (Germany, Austria) – Advertising billboards, print and online
(Heye & Partner GmbH 2009)
Price Waterhouse Coopers (South Africa) – Corporate Calendar (Grant Leversha 2008)
Roche Diagnostics - Print Advertising, Reports, Brochure (2008)
Sky Television – Print, poster, POS, online (VentureThree 2009)
Sky Television – Advertising billboards for Sky TV (United London 2006)
Sky Television – TV / web advertising for Sky High Definition TV (Brothers and Sisters 2008)
Steppes Travel - Advertising banners and brochure covers (Wild Dog Design 2009)
Teccon (Germany) – Corporate publications, advertising for construction and engineering
(Giraffo 2005–2007)
The Jane Goodall Institute – ‘World Report 2001: Extending Our Reach’ brochure cover (2001)
The Orangutan Foundation (USA) – ‘Orangutan Adoption Kit’ cover (2005)
The Orvis Company (USA) – Various outdoor clothing sales catalogues inc. covers (2002–2007)
TNT Express (Netherlands) – Postage stamps and envelopes
(M–DNA Marketing & Communication 2007)
Volkswagen (Germany) – Print advertising for VW Sharan (DDB Berlin, 1999)
Volkswagen (Turkey) – Print advertising for VW Sharan (DDB Berlin, 2002)
WWF (Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland,
UK, USA) – print promotion for a variety of campaigns (2003/2005/2006/2007)
WWF Annual Report (USA) – two full page images (2006)


Selected books

Photography in 100 Words: 50 of its Greatest Masters – David Clark (Argentum 2009)
Photo Wisdom – Lewis Blackwell (PQ Publishers 2009)
World Book Yearbook 2009
Elephants - A Book for Children– Steve Bloom and David Wilson (Thames & Hudson 2008)
Animal Life – Charlotte Uhlenbruck: inc. front cover (Dorling Kindersley 2008)
The World’s Top Photographers’ Workshops: Travel and Nature – Andy Steel (RotoVision 2009)
Science Biology –Biggs et al: inc. cover (Glencoe McGraw–Hill 2008)
Global Safari – James Parry: inc. front cover (Carlton Books Ltd 2007)
Reino Animal – 4 book set (Planeta DeAgostini: EDP editores 2006)
Stern Book of the Year 2006 – (Stern 2006)
Flying High: Africa – Paola Novaresio: inc. cover (White Star Publishers 2006)
Untamed: Animals around the World– Steve Bloom and Christian Harvard (Editions La Martiniere 2005)
Life: Photography Exposed: The Story behind the Image: inc. front cover (Time Life 2005)
Deserts: the Living Drylands – Sara Oldfield: front cover (New Holland Publisher 2004)
Life: the Science of Biology – Purves et al: cover (Sinauer Associates 2004)
Love Notes – 12 languages (a set of 4 gift books, PQ Publishers 2004):
Thank You For Being A Friend , Don’t Worry Be Happy , We Are Family! Endless Love!
Eyewitness: Jungle – Theresa Greenway: front cover (Dorling Kindersley 2003)
Le Zèbra – Mary-Gérard Vaude: front cover and content (Castor & Pollux 2003)
The Life of Mammals – David Attenborough: front cover (BBC Books 2002)
The World’s Top Photographers – Terry Hope (RotoVision 2002)
A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography – Adrian Davies (AVA Publishing 2002)
Rainforest – Sara Oldfield: front cover (New Holland Publishers 2002)
Animal Communication – Charlotte Uhlenbruck (Hodder & Stoughton 2002)
Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Portfolio 9 (Fountain Press 2001)
Africa’s Elephant – Martin Meredith: front cover (Hodder & Stoughton 2001)
Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Portfolio 6 (Fountain Press 1996)


Selected magazines

ABTA magazine
Airone (Italy)
Amateur Photographer (UK)
Australian Geographic (Australia)
BBC Wildlife Magazine (UK)
Be There (Brussels Airline inflight magazine)
Best Friends Magazine (USA)
Bild (Germany)
British Journal of Photography (UK)
Dag Allemaal (Belgium)
Days Japan (Japan)
Digital Camera (UK)
Digital Photographer (UK)
Digital Photography User (UK)
Digital Photo (Russia)
Digital SLR Photography (UK)
Digital SLR User (UK)
Digitális Fotó Magazin (Hungary)
Ein Herz für Tiere (Germany)
Financial Times Magazine (UK)
Focus (Italy, Poland)
Fokus (Denmark)
Fotografare (Italy)
Fotonaturis (Portugal)
Frau von Heute (Germany)
Free Magazine (Greece)
Gente (Italy)
Geo (Germany, France, Russia)
Geographical (UK)
Good Weekend Magazine (Sydney Morning Herald- Australia)
Grasduinen (Netherlands)
Hello magazine (UK)
Highlife (British Airways in-flight magazine)
Integral (Spain)
La Libre Essentielle (France)
La Vanguardia – Intergral Magazine (Spain) April
Le Photographe (France)
Le Figaro (France)
Life Magazine (France)
Lufthansa Magazin (Inflight magazine)
Marie Clare (Australia)
Maxim Magazine (UK, Netherlands, Russia)
Nat (Spain)
National Geographic (USA, Germany, Turkey, Poland)
Natur & Kosmos (Germany)
Natural History Magazine (American Museum of Natural History – USA)
Nature’s Best (USA)
New Scientist (UK)
New York Post (USA)
Now Magazine (UK)
Oasis (Italy)
Ode (Netherlands)
Outdoor Photographer (USA)
Outdoor Photography (UK)
PDN / Photo District News (USA)
Photo (France)
Photography Monthly (UK)
Photo Pro (UK)
Popular Photography (USA)
Practical Photography (UK)
Professional Photographer (UK)
Rangefinder (USA)
Real Travel (UK)
Readers Digest (UK, Canada)
Reflexe Numérique (France)
Residence (Netherlands)
RPS Journal (UK)
Saga Magazine (UK)
Scenes of the World (Spain)
Scotsman Magazine (UK)
Smithsonian magazine (USA)
Soul Magazine (Netherlands)
Sphere Magazine (Orient Express)
Stern (Germany)
Sublime (UK)
Sunday Indian (India)
Sunday Times Magazine (UK)
Telegraph Magazine (UK)
Terre Sauvage (France)
The Times Magazine (UK)
Time (USA)
Times Travel (UK)
Total Digital Photography (UK)
Unique Image (Taiwan)
Universum (Austria)
Vanity Fair (Italy)
Voyager magazine (BMI inflight magazine)
Wanderlust (UK)
Weekly Reader (USA)
Welt der Wunder (Germany)
What Digital Camera (UK)
XL Semanal (Spain)

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