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Licensing Pictures from Steve Bloom Images

Rights Protected Images

All our images are rights protected, which means we control the rights to these images to avoid conflicts with competing clients. Some images may be bought exclusively which prevents your competitors from using the same images. Licenses are granted for a specific use for a specific period of time.

Our selected images are edited down from hundreds or even thousands of images. What you don't see is the long frustrating periods when the animals don't show up, or the trash can filled with rejects. Skilled retouching is sometimes applied to enhance the impact of the images, which effectively enhances your article or product. These images must not be confused with 'royalty-free' or 'clipart' images, which are made and sold cheaply, lacking the individuality and high-end nature of rights protected images.


Our prices vary according to usages and start at around $150. We have cut our overheads where possible in order to give you the best possible prices, but we have not compromised in the process of making the pictures and are continuing to produce images in an environment of ever-rising costs.

Obtaining a price estimate is easy. Simply search for the image you want and click the 'add to price query' icon below the image. Proceed to the price query form and you will be asked a few short questions about your intended usage. We will then reply with the appropriate price.


Payment for non-account holders is usually by credit card in GB pounds via our secure server. We accept Mastercard and VISA.


There are three ways to search for images:

  1. The keyword box allows you to add words like 'running' and 'cheetah' You can search for all cheetahs and all running animals, or just running cheetahs, depending on the whether you choose to search for all of the words or any of the words.
  2. The subject drop-down menu allows you to choose the more commonly featured subjects and gives you an overview of the types of images in the collection.
  3. The themed collections drop-down menu allows you to bring up images grouped together for calendar or other projects, saving you editing time. They do not contain all the images which fit a particular theme because these collections are tightly edited. Additional images may be found by using the keyword box.


f you are a professional user you may register for a lightbox. This enables you to keep your favourite images together for a specific project. You can then request prices for individual images by clicking below them on your lightbox. Your lightbox is personal to you and your computer only, and also allows you to personalise the number of thumbnails per page. As a registered user you will not need to fill in your name and address each time you request a price.

About our scans

All the images have been scanned using drum scanning technology, a process which is still considered to be the best in the world. The scans you receive are derived from the scans which Steve uses to make fine art prints.

The images are initially scanned for archival storage at sixty-five megabytes, which is enough to resolve the grain particles in a 35mm frame. They are colour-corrected, enhanced and then cleaned up to remove any dust and scratches. Fuji Pictrography proof prints are made in order to check the images under graphic standard viewing lights, and when Steve is satisfied they are stored on compact discs. A second set of images is made from the completed digital files, at 28mb, and those are then compressed to Jpeg files which are between one and three megabytes in size. We have performed exhaustive tests, and the Jpeg compressed images are indistinguishable from the archival scans, when reproduced at sizes up to A3. For that reason we can confidently e-mail you images which, for practical purposes, are just as good as the archival scans and take only a few minutes to reach you. For larger reproductions we send you higher resolution scans. Our scans are in RGB format. You will need to convert them to CMYK in accordance with your specific printing needs. We do not know details regarding your paper stock, dot gain and other printing parameters which are unique to you. That is why we supply you with raw RGB scans. All our new scans are in Adobe RGB1998 colour space. We do not apply unsharp masking to the images because factors such as reproduction size determine the degree of unsharp masking. We therefore leave the degree of unsharp masking to you or your repro houses.


We send high resolution compressed Jpeg images by email, or as Tiff files on compact discs. If you prefer not to receive digital files, we can send you high quality photographic prints which hold as much information as a 70mm dupe transparency. The prints can be scanned to produce excellent results. E-mailing images is free, but there is a charge for making custom compact discs or photographic prints.

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